About Us

About Us

Arclight Analytics was founded by Dr. Evan Johnson, a researcher with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with over ten years of experience in quantitative research and policy analysis. Dr. Johnson has a passion for using quantitative research and data analytics tools to solve problems in policy and management, and has recruited a team of like-minded analysts that make up Arclight Analytics.
Dr. Johnson and his team at Arclight are skilled in data analytics, data visualization, geospatial analysis, and programming. Our work benefits clients in the public, private, and academic sectors looking to solve problems and improve strategy using large datasets. We employ a variety of analytical tools to perform program evaluation and causal inference; econometric analysis and data manipulation; and exploratory data analysis. After identifying important trends and key findings from the data, we utilize advanced data visualization techniques to communicate these findings to stakeholders and translate complex datasets into digestible conclusions. Specific areas of expertise include data science for business, government incentives for innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy research.
We at Arclight believe that careful analysis of large datasets can shed light on important trends and insights into how your organization’s strategy is working in practice. Our goal is to bring a rigorous academic approach to analysis of your data, to allow your organization to make the most informed decisions moving forward.

Our Team

We strive to create an environment that rewards our staff and our clients.

Evan Johnson


Dr. Johnson is a policy consultant and researcher as well as a Teaching Assistant Professor at UNC-CH. His research focuses on innovation and public policy, specifically in the energy and small business sectors.

Yukun Yang

Data Scientist

Yukun earned his M.S. degree in Information Science from UNC-CH. At Arclight, he works to identify data needs and opportunities, adopt the best practices for data collection, and render visually appealing data visualizations.

Savannah Dowden

Research Analyst

Savannah earned her B.S. degree in Public Policy and Statistics from UNC-CH in May of 2021. At Arclight, she works to clean datasets, perform data analysis, and assists in developing research methodologies.

Megan Doherty

Administrative Analyst

Megan earned her B.S. degree in Biology and minors in Environmental Science, Mandarin, and Chemistry from UNC-CH in 2022. At Arclight, she provides administrative support, performs data analysis, and assists in report writing.